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Dr. Gary Stollman talks about DepressionAlleviate depression & get your life back on track.

We all feel depressed at times. In fact, depression or experiencing the "blues" is a normal reaction to stress and isn't necessarily a sign that you should speak to a psychotherapist. When these feelings are severe or prolonged however, they can greatly interfere with your normal routine, your relationships, and your sense of well-being. In this situation, speaking to a Beverly Hills psychotherapist is recommended.

When depressed, you are likely to experience a general lack of interest in everyday activities. You may also find yourself withdrawing from others, experiencing chronic fatigue, or feeling helpless and hopeless. Other possible symptoms include changes in appetite, sleep disturbance, loss of sexual desire, problems with concentration and memory, irritability, anxiety, indecisiveness, suicidal thoughts, and excessive self-blame.

Feelings of depression often follow a significant loss or trauma. Other factors such as family history of depression, stressful lifestyle, negative "self-talk" (i.e., taking negative events such as rejection personally vs. "brushing things off") and the ability to express difficult or painful feelings (rather than keeping feelings inside) can all have an effect on how depressed one may become.

Depression seldom goes away by itself. If you are depressed, it is important that you seek help. In addition to Beverly Hills couples therapy, Dr. Gary offers sessions for those who want to talk to a Los Angeles psychotherapist about their depression.

Empowering Questions

Why do I keep my feelings inside?

Is there anyone I need to forgive?

Will my denial keep me from facing my feelings of sadness and depression?

What is stopping me from getting the help that I need?

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The Center for Personal Development and Psychotherapy specializes in telephone and face-to-face counseling, treating individuals and couples seeking to improve their relationships. Counseling with Dr. Stollman is designed to help patients in dealing with a wide range of psychological issues. Whether you're looking for Los Angeles marriage counseling or someone to talk to about your depression, Dr. Stollman can help.


Talk With Dr. Gary

Talk With Dr. Gary - Dr. Gary Stollman

Sessions can be scheduled for either one or two hours in length. Two hour sessions provide adequate time to explore issues without interruption.

Dr. Gary also does telephone coaching for those who prefer to participate from the privacy of their own home and he offers a free 15-minute phone consultation to all first-time callers.

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Phone Sessions Available From Noon To Midnight and 24-Hour Answer Service Also Available.

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